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09 August 2010 @ 10:31 pm
she's had lifetimes, she could have lifetimes. ;; ten/rose/10.5  
Title: She's Had Lifetimes, She Could Have Lifetimes
Pairing: Ten/Rose/10.5
Spoilers: Set during/post 'Journey's End'
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Rating: I'd say it's pretty much PG.
Summary: Rose comes to terms with the fact that she can have a Doctor.
Other: This is my first time writing any kind of Doctor Who fiction, so I definitely welcome constructive criticism and any feedback that you wish to give. All I ask, is that you got easy on me. :)
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and make no financial profit from this writing, just happy to let my creative muse flow!

The last time they see each other, they're standing on a beach and he's about to say "Rose Tyler, I..."

She tries not to think about that too much, because the confusion between the time she spent with her Doctor and the one she's now building a life with sometimes slips up on her and makes itself known on rare occasions like when she finds herself watching the stars late one evening or when she's taking a mid-afternoon stroll to clear her head of the craziness that comes along with her job.

It's hard to breathe when one universe seems so small and another seems so vastly filled with countless oppurtunities and adventures and lifetimes that she will never get to spend.

With him. Always, with him.

This one told her that she could have a life with him if she wanted and after all she did really want that. She just never expected it to turn out quite like this. It's sad and scary and exhilarating that she can have a Doctor, just not hers.

She tells herself that with time, she can learn to make this Doctor her Doctor because it's the only way that she's going to ever get a taste of what she's wanted for quite sometime and she admits that it was quite nice to finally hear him finish the rest of what he was going to say to her. So, when he slips his hand into hers, leans in and whispers in her ear "love you" she doesn't hesitate, she doesn't even have to think twice about it. She knows what her answer will be, it will always be yes.
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