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needs_saying's Journal

Ten/Rose for a lifetime
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We liked The Beach Scene in Journey's End! (Ten/Rose shipping)

Welcome to needs_saying!

This community was made for the minority of fangirls and boys who liked the ending of the Ten/Rose relationship in Journey's End -- those who don't want to feel like they're a "bad shipper" for liking where their relationship went, and for those of us who can see the potential for lots of lovely Ten/Rose fic, theorising and squeeing.

It's not just for fic, but for us to find each other! For us small number to gather and relish in the fact that we are not alone! That there are others who liked it, somewhere out there.

So come forward, post about your delight of this officially canon ship. Share your fics, vids, art and icons etc. Or just come for the banter!

So you've found it, now what? Pimp it out! Tell all your friends, shout it out because there may be some others out there... who are too scared to come forward and declare:

Yes! We liked The Beach Scene in Journey's End!

Just a couple of rules


Well, if you're here, I'm guessing you've all seen Journey's End. So no need for any thing for series 1-4, unless you really want to. However, any news for the specials, future seasons, et cetera should be under a cut.

Fics and ratings

Put your fics under a cut of a fake cut or link to your jounral. It just means that it's easier to scroll through the comm. If you don't know how to do that, click on 'Help' and search LJ Cut. If that fails, ask we'll be happy to help!

The community is set to 'No Adult Content', but if you want to post a R/NC-17 fic, that's fine, just link it to your journal and be sure to include the appropriate warnings. Simple, really...


If you could Tag your posts too, that would be great, just keep everything nice 'n tidy. I'm sure this goes without saying but if you're creating a new one, make sure it's a sensible one, and not to create one if you can see one that's very like it.


Also, we love affliates! In the post-Journey's End fandom explosion there is bound to be other comms like this created, so if you'd like to affiliate, just let us know. Presently our affiliates are:



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